7 Deliciously Weird Food Pairings

We all have a degree of weirdness of our own. It’s something unique about us. Some keep their strange habit to themselves, but some people are also loud and proud of it to the degree they share it with the world. Just like these food pairings many will find seriously weird but very, very delicious. If these people decided to shut their mouths about it, we wouldn’t have known how sometimes bananas and bacon go well together.

It’s about time we put our differences aside and get over ourselves. We never know; our weird taste buds might save other people’s day from depression. So, here goes the list of weird food combos that actually taste good:

Avocado and jam

It’s no secret how avocados go well with sandwiches. And so is the same with jam, any kind for that matter. But what if a lot of people know when we put these two together, they credit to an incredible burst on our morning toast. Smash the avocado on the toast and add some strawberry jam or any jam of your choice on top of it. And ta-da! The taste of creamy avocado is a perfect base for the sweet jam. Give this a try and see it make your day!

Mango and peanut butter

Many love peanut butter. Many love mangoes too. But how many came up with putting these two together for a morning toast? We bet not many did. Other than the fact that mangoes aren’t really bountiful in many countries, and when they are, nobody thinks of mixing it with peanut butter. Give this combo a try, though, and see it work out wonders. Don’t forget to slice mangoes into porcupines and artistically place them on top of the toast already with peanut butter spread on top. Indeed the nutty and salty taste from the peanut will work well with the juicy sweet mangoes.

French fries and pickles

So you like snacking, and usually, you go with French fries with ketchup on the side too. How about you give this weird combo a try? Why not have pickles beside your French fries? The gastronomic duo is just as heavenly. In fact, this also has the same effect as pickles on a burger, so why not pair the pickles with French fries, right? Just give it a go, and you’ll surprisingly love it.

Sauerkraut and cheese

In the same vein as chips and pickles, cheese and sauerkraut are the winning acidic yet greasy combo. You’ll usually see this delicious pairing on Reuben sandwiches. But the next time you decide to make a cheese board, try adding sauerkraut and experience the wonders of the taste.

Peanut butter and apple

The same is true with this combo. We would never have crossed this line, but some people did, and they loved it. Maybe we should give this a try too. See, peanut butter’s nutty and creaminess will work well with the apple’s crispiness and sweetness. See it for yourself and allow the flavors to take you a degree higher with your sense of taste. It’s going to be a feel-good satisfying breakfast toast!

Burgers and Peanut butter


Ok, this one is upping my weirdness degree radar. But yes, this burger and peanut butter combo seriously taste well together. Don’t you believe it? Well, take that satay sauce, for example. Isn’t it one of the best food ever? So now, how about taking that sauce over a juicy burger? Imagine the explosion of flavors in your mouth. Stuff everything in bacon, tofu, cheese, anything you want in your burger, and you won’t regret this experience.

Two-minute noodles and cheese

It’s easy as 123. This weird food combo might be unfamiliar to some, but we think there’s never a bad time for cheese, which is why we mix our two-minute instant noodles with some grated cheese on top. Cheese adds creaminess, saltiness, and flavor that helps make your instant noodles less boring!