Best Food Trends In The Running That Will Become A Global Superstar Of 2020

As many foodies out there have enjoyed predicting food trends that’ll make it to number one for 2020, we’ll be having our own picks and some dishes to root for. Hopefully, for the gourmands out there, they’ll find our choices sound and worthy of cheer. From plants to meat cuts, here are our best food trends for 2020:

Plant-based Food

Over the past few years, more and more people have become more conscious about what they eat. A lot of them have turned from slightly vegan to full-degree vegan. Although some may have opted to do so slowly and gradually, at least they made the conscious decision and loved it. Among the fast-growing and developing options for plant-based food, here are our top choices that are rising fast to the peak. As a matter of fact, these dishes have been luring people into the trend, making a good impression about how being vegan isn’t such a bad thing at all.


This middle-eastern dip has become very popular this year. With the advances of the food businesses across nations, more and more countries have opened and warmed up to other cultures’ food. As some may not have the energy and resource to travel elsewhere, the fast-growing food industry has brought people to different places. This savory dish is super healthy and is made of mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic.

Kale, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts

Kale, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts are super veggies that have become more visible this year. Because they credit to good health benefits, they’ve been incorporated into many vegan recipes.


Cauliflower has also gained momentum this year. This veggie has become an alternative to grains or rice. It is also becoming a good base for a vegan pizza or pasta as a flour. For business-minded people looking for opportunities out there, a cauliflower farm just might be a perfect investment for you. We see it rising in the next years to come.

Meat from the labs

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed how people become more aware of animal cruelty to the degree that some have turned vegan because of it. Anyhow, science found a solution for it. Although it is not that widespread in other countries as it is in some high-ranking cities, it won’t be long before we can have mass production of the lab-grown meat. To be very honest, we think that this year, this will keep in trend. Imagine being in meat heaven without any guilt of having a cow slaughtered for your piece. Satisfying, right? Now, that’s why you’ll opt for this clean meat.

Non-dairy milk will rise

We think that with the powerful rise of everything vegan, non-dairy products would ascend too. If you’ve been observing, you will notice how plant-based milk has been slowly introduced in the market in the last three years. Each year, production and consumption have also doubled. That is why this year, the milk section contains more choices for your rice, almond, and oat milk. Although they cost a bit more than cow’s milk, it still is a health investment one would like to keep regularly.

Low carb diets like KETO will boom

We’re not so sure about what next year’s Keto diet status would be, but for sure, in 2020, this low carb diet would still be “in.” Being one of the most popular diets in 2019, people worldwide have attested to its effective means of losing weight and improving their health. However, most people in this plan will have to see their physicians first before getting into the program. It is no doubt that this method has been credited a lot, especially by doctors treating critical illnesses. Keto has been known for its impressive way of helping some patients with conditions manage and putting their health under control. People all around the world tried this diet and ate fewer carbs and consumed more proteins and fats.

Zero-waste packaging

Okay, this may be quite a choice to be one of our best food trends this year, but you’d see how the food that comes from environment-friendly packages have been quite a thing. It’s sad to see our fruits and veggies come in plastic wraps, and we think more vegans and organic-loving people would agree to this. Our organic eggs should come in bio-degradable wraps, or our market finds should be wrapped in recyclable papers. This way, our food, being one of the biggest essential, blesses our mother nature, who we grow to love more as time goes by. We hope to see our gas and electricity take bigger steps towards that direction too.