Get to Know the Most Iconic Power Couple That People Root For the Day You Were Born

1950: Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton Jr. were the most iconic celebrity couple during the ‘50s. They welcomed the era with their love story, credits to both their individual successes, too. Only 205 days after tying the knot, Conrad and Taylor, who were still 18 years old at the time, ended their union.

Taylor was already such beauty during her teenage years, having pale skin, a slim figure, and a pair of very rare purple eyes. This was Taylor’s first failed marriage; little did we know that this was certainly not going to be her last. Their three-month European honeymoon was the start of everything, where both parties admitted that their vacation was nothing but arguments, and eventually, Liz won over the legal separation due to mental abuse. Before things ended between them, people were really following the details of their romance, thinking what these two had was a fairytale.