Cat Antics That Make You Question Their Motives

Cat owners adore their feline friends. They welcome them when they get home and even be a constant presence in their lives too. However, there are cats who wreak havoc in their owners’ lives. We can’t help but wonder what their real motives are. Take a look below.


Humans and cats often have the same interests. They both sleep, eat, and play. This white and orange kitty seems to be on its owner’s team. The cute kitty is caught sitting back and enjoying watching the game on the monitor. This is a rare moment, ladies and gentlemen. Other cats would walk all over that table and keyboard if it had its way.

We are giving credit to the owner for showing the little kitty how game time is done. Hopefully, his feline friend doesn’t get mad when the game ends. After all, it looked hooked in the game.