Cat Antics That Make You Question Their Motives

Cat owners adore their feline friends. They welcome them when they get home and even be a constant presence in their lives too. However, there are cats who wreak havoc in their owners’ lives. We can’t help but wonder what their real motives are. Take a look below.


Humans and cats often have the same interests. They both sleep, eat, and play. This white and orange kitty seems to be on its owner’s team. The cute kitty is caught sitting back and enjoying watching the game on the monitor. This is a rare moment, ladies and gentlemen. Other cats would walk all over that table and keyboard if it had its way.

We are giving credit to the owner for showing the little kitty how game time is done. Hopefully, his feline friend doesn’t get mad when the game ends. After all, it looked hooked in the game.

Guess I’m Not Working Today

Cats are welcome in our homes. It doesn’t matter what type of cat they are. However, there are times when we wish that they respect boundaries too. For example, this cat doesn’t care if it is sleeping on the laptop. What if its owner has a school paper to finish or an upcoming Zoom meeting?

We understand that cats love to take naps on heated surfaces, but come on! However, being a cat owner, there is a law against moving cats when they are asleep unless you want to face their claws. Perhaps the owner would consider using their credit card to pay for a comfier bed for their cat?

Meat?! Where?!

You’ve probably watched your cat stalk a bird that is flying from a branch far away from your window. Or just suddenly pounce on a mouse who attempted to steal food from you. However, how come when you drop food under its nose, they seem to lose their senses? Many cat lovers have already pointed this out.

Well, it is possible that cats get a kick seeing you point the food several times because you look weird. Whatever it is, these cats are evil and can cause your stress levels to go up. However, for sure, you’ll be spending your investment money on their cat food, right?

This World Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us

It seems that cats and potted plants don’t go together. If you are a cat lover or know someone who is, you would have heard stories of how their plants died because of their feline pal. They don’t nibble the leaves. They just go all out and push them over the ledge.

We are not sure what makes them decide to knock those cute plants in their terra cotta pots over. It might be that they just want their owners to lose oxygen, or spend more time with them than the plants. To their credit, these cats will keep doing it until they win.

Open the Door Right Now!

Have you ever noticed that cats never liked having the door closed on them? Once they hear the door close, they’ll attack it by scratching and meowing until you open it for them. However, here’s the kicker. After you open it, they’ll give you that wondering look as to why the door was open.

It might be that they have some form of abandonment issues? However, your guess is as good as ours. We all know that our adorable, fluffy cats always have something up their sleeves. We’ll give you credit once you solve the mystery of cats and the closed door.

I Thought I Saw a Ghost

Aside from bearing some resemblance to Hellboy actor Ron Perlman, this cat is clearly not pleased with the trash bin. We are not sure what cats have against potted plants, but we bet it is the same reason they hate trash or recycling bins. Is it because they are in their way? Or do they look intimidating from their point of view?

Whatever their reason is, for sure, everything will be forgiven if they give you that wide-eyed stare of theirs. Just keep in mind that your investments in your home mean nothing to the power of your feline companion.

Cat Owners Always Starve to Death

Have you ever seen a cat owner who looks healthy? Neither do we. Unlike dogs that just sit on the floor while giving you that look, cats will literally take the food from you. You’re drinking milk? Oops, they accidentally dipped their paw in it. Taking a bite from your steak? Well, you literally have to push your cat away from your plate.

It’s not all bad, you know. Your cat is willing to share a rodent or two with you. You got to give them credit for showing you a bit of love this way though their choice is not that palatable.

The Hidden Treasure Trove

Spring cleaning is a great way to de-stash and de-clutter your home. The homeowner thought it was a good idea to do general cleaning in the living room. However, they were not prepared to come across a treasure trove of cotton balls and plastic toys under their sofa. Who would have thought that someone was hoarding these things underneath?

The cat’s stance seems to be a challenge to its owner. “Remove these and we’re at war!” We are wondering how the cleaning turned out. How many bandages did the owner have after? Hopefully, they won’t need cash loans for treating their wounds.

Whatchu Doing?

Cat owners will tell you that if you give your pet an inch, they’ll make your life miserable. Just take a look at this cat whose owner made the mistake of letting it follow them in the bathroom. Although some cats would just settle down, some, like this one, will just stare at you. Soon, you’ll be asking it questions. Do they want to join you in the shower? Do they need to go potty?

If you don’t want to be disturbed while you do your business, just don’t let your cat in. However, let’s give the little guy some credit for that doe-eyed look. How can you even resist?

Let Me In!

Talking about bathroom breaks again, this cat is hell-bent on getting inside. This can be a scene from a horror movie when you are trying to escape the one chasing you! It seems that cats aren’t hardwired to give you the privacy you crave, even when you need to use the bathroom.

The owner might have used their credit card to fix that door to avoid this type of horror movie scene. Funny thing is, once you open the door, they will not even step inside. They’ll even forget what they’ve been doing a while ago! Cats are definitely weird.

Cats Condition Their Owners

Have you ever been called a crazy cat person? Join the club! Although being labeled crazy for talking to your pet is pretty standard, some find it weird that they talk to their cats in full sentences. Some cat owners tend to answer their cat’s meowing with full-on sentences that leave people scratching their heads.

The fact is, cats just meow to humans and not to other cats. When they approach a different cat, they will make a sound before they attack. With humans? To their credit, they want to catch our attention. This is mind conditioning people. We are being controlled by our feline friends!

A Little Help, Please?

Cats are pretty independent and can actually survive without human intervention. However, there are things that they can’t do, such as open their own cat food or even open the door. They also have one weakness and that is plastic bags. To their credit, cats can slip into anything they want to check out. The problem, however, is getting out.

This kitty has easily found its way inside this plastic bag containing receipts. However, uh oh, someone needs help getting out of it. Let’s take this as a good sign that they are not fully evolved yet, otherwise, they would have dominated our lives easily.

Such Comfort

Cats are natural gymnasts. They may not be as steady on their paws on an uneven bar, but they sure know how to twist their body to find the best position for them. Just take a look at this photo of a cat stretching itself from its dad’s shoulders. Our back hurts just by looking at it!

However, the cat seems to have found the perfect position to some degree. In fact, it may have actually fallen asleep. We are constantly surprised at how these creatures can contort their bodies. We just can’t help but wince at this cat’s position.

Studying? Good Luck

Cats love to be the center of attention. They will either nip your fingers or scratch you if they feel you are not giving them the attention they deserve. Normally, they would just rub against you so you will know you should pet them. However, woe on you if you are focused on something else entirely.

This poor student is trying to put more hours into his study, but his cat has other plans. Although some would say that it is just being cute, we know the real reason behind this. They don’t want us humans to put our investments in learning. After all, we’ll know how to thwart their plans!

Impossible to Do Chores

Life would be better if your cat knows how to behave when you are doing your chores. This is a dream that every cat owner has. Well, the reality is, your chores will not be done completely when you have a cat around. Take for example when you’re trying to change your bedsheets. Even when your cat is in another part of your home, they’ll come and bother you.

No matter how often you remove them, they’ll just find ways to tangle themselves in your bedsheet.  Give yourself some credit if you manage to make your bed properly. Others just leave their bed as is because of their cat.

Your Comfort Doesn’t Matter

It is kind of sweet to have your cat jump on your lap for some pets. They don’t really mind if you pet them or give them scratches. The real problem begins when you need to stand up and do something else. Since it is against the rule to move or disturb a sleeping cat, you’ll have to endure not going to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get a snack.

What’s even more interesting is that these felines know when you’ll be standing up. They use this time to jump up on you! That roof repair you are planning will not happen anytime soon.

I Thought I Saw Another Ghost

One of the reasons why cats love to go with you to the bathroom is the tissue paper. They can’t seem to believe that there is such a thing as these soft papers in this world. You’ll find them pawing at it until they get everything from the roll. However, what’s worse are the cats who will scratch them into tiny pieces!

They also will not even help you fix the mess that they made. Clearly, they are putting a lot of their investments into learning new ways to annoy their humans. The sad part is that we can’t get angry at them for long.

Your Cats Own You

This human thought it would be a good idea to shame their cat by posting their misdeeds online. Sure, some of their friends will commiserate with them, but this only proves one thing. Cats can actually get away with everything. Aside from them appearing to be clueless as to how things work, they are little balls of fluff that will give you the best kisses in the world. Props to them for knowing how to melt their owner’s heart to a certain degree.

These four-legged creatures know that whatever they do, humans will pick them up, clean them, and then play with them after. Cats really do own their humans!

The Dreaded Vacuum

Cats have another weakness it seems. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s the vacuum cleaner! Once you start vacuuming the place, your cats suddenly become ninjas and disappear. You’ll find them behind the curtains, behind the sofa, or in your neighbor’s home. It seems that the loud noise and sucking sounds are the ultimate scare factors for them.

Now that you know their secret, it’s time to use your investment money on a good quality vacuum. They’ll split once they see it so you can do your chores in peace and this will stop them from taking over the world!

I Thought You Were Dead

Although cats give the impression that they couldn’t care less if you are gone, the truth is they have a soft spot for you. Just like dogs, they tend to go crazy once they see that you’re home. All that pent-up energy will be used to welcome you home. This is quite shocking to hear, we know. After all, we’re used to them plotting our destruction.

We give credit to the person who made the best meme on how these felines feel after being left alone. It is also possible that they were asleep the entire day and didn’t notice that you were gone.

Pay Attention to Me!

Regardless of how often cat owners believe that their cats are out to get them, seeing them snoozing on their legs melts their hearts. Aside from looking like perfect little angels, it also means that they are not wreaking havoc in their homes. It doesn’t matter how many potted plants they already destroyed, or tissue papers they shredded, they are still worth loving.

Truth be told, cat owners can’t bear to be parted from their feline friends for long. Most likely they will use their credit card to pay for the treats they bought to appease them for being left behind. We can’t help but spoil them.

Your Naptime is Our Naptime

Isn’t it sweet when your feline friend snuggles up to you as you get ready for bed? This may be a sign that they want to be close to you and because they trust you, right? It may also be that they are drawn to the heat that your body gives off. After all, they can easily fall asleep on top of your laptop.

However, if this photo tells us one thing is that the woman should be careful to a certain degree. A sudden movement can easily spell disaster! Just take a look at the placement of those paws. One wrong move and she’s done for.

Just Save Your Money

You have probably spent a good deal of your investment money to buy all of your cats’ necessities. Scratching post? Check. Cat tower? Check. You might even have splurged on cat toys and whatnot. However, no matter how expensive these things are, your cat will most likely play with the cardboard box that these treats came in.

For one reason or another, they prefer to poke their heads and paws on the holes in the cardboard box. This peculiar trait may have developed over time, but it seems that cats all over the world don’t care much for expensive stuff. They’re happy with just a box to play with.

It’s All an Act

If you ask any cat owner how they discipline their pets, they’ll rarely answer you. It’s not that they are keeping their techniques a secret, but rather they don’t know how. Cats are a league of their own. Oftentimes they’ll just run away from you as you scold them, but they’ll make sure that they don’t go far.

Whoever made this cartoon definitely gets the credit for capturing any cat’s attitude to being scolded. They’ll just stop a few feet from you and will give you that stare. More often than not, their owners end up apologizing to them. Cat one, humans, zero.

The Logic of Feline-Kind     

It is not surprising that felines have their own set of logic compared to us humans. For example, chasing that red laser dot is quite fun for cats. Although we also use it for fun, more often, we use it as a pointer during meetings. Another example is small boxes. Cats just love these cardboard boxes, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy them.

Then there is preparing the trash bag for the trash can. This is not something that we enjoy, but for cats, well, it means that the end is near. To their credit, they wait until the trash can is lined with a garbage bag before they attack it.

Scaredy Cat

Ask anyone whether a cat is intelligent or not and most of them will say that they are smart. After all, we already have proof of how smart they are by how quickly they train their humans. However, this doesn’t mean that they know everything that is going on around them. The comic strip below is not only entertaining, but it is also on point.

Cats are genuinely curious about their surroundings. They’ll swipe and sniff at things that are new to them. However, once it moves, they’ll be hiding really quickly. To a certain degree, they are still scaredy cats and we just love them for it.

Get Used to It

It is important that you set up boundaries as soon as you bring a cat home. Give it an inch and you’re done for. This is especially true when it comes to your bed. You invite it to sleep with you and you’ll consider putting your investments on a new bed instead. Kudos to the artist who summed up how cats and their owners “share” their bed.

As you can see, there are different positions that the owner and its cat go into at night. The last one, with the cat lying on top of its master’s head, definitely knows who the boss is. We do too!

Know-How to Pet Your Cat

The chart below gives you an idea of the best places where to give your cat the affection it deserves. If you are thinking of adopting one, this illustration is a good starting point on how to win its affection. In fact, you can use it on various types of cats out there, even lions, if you can get close to them that is.

The green zones are the head and neck. You’ll score plus points if you scratch behind their ears. The shoulders and front legs are okay too. However, if you don’t want to end up using your health insurance for your scratches and whatnot, avoid their belly at all costs.

Absolutely No Kissing

Cats don’t mind being showered with affection from their owners. They’ll let you scratch them behind their ears or play with their front legs, and that’s it. Go beyond what they are comfortable with and they’ll make sure to show their displeasure.

Then again, there are cat owners who can’t help but shower their cats with plenty of kisses. However, their cat has no intention of letting their owners kiss them. These felines have put up their paws to ward off the dreaded human kiss. We give credit to the owners who continued to love their cats even if their kisses were rejected since they were willing to accept the cold treatment.

The Horrifying Vet Visit

Cat owners are ready to use their investment money for their cat’s welfare. This is to ensure that they will remain healthy and strong. Most owners do wish that their pets reciprocate their love by cooperating with their vet. However, most of the time, they just don’t. Just take a look at this cat who is trying to disappear in the sink.

At the first sign of the vet and needle, it ran away to hide and stare from a distance. No wonder a vet’s fee is expensive. They have to endure the antics of their patients all the time.

A Quick Nibble

This is the first time that a photo of a cat nibbling on a corn cob was taken. Some would say how adorable the girl and the cat are in the photo. Well, we do know that the cat is having a hard time nibbling on the corn and is simply licking it. We also know that the cat is merely telling its owner to stop eating already.

Veteran cat owners would have told the girl to simply give the corn to the cat. This way, she will avoid possible bloodshed. Of course, she could have just used her investment money to buy corn for her cat too.

Getting Ready for a Long Night

There are cats who get up earlier than 4 am to wreak havoc in your home while you are still sleeping. This cat was caught doing some stretching before it unleashes its fury on the owner’s furniture. No wonder many cat owners wake up to a space that looks like it was hit by a tornado!

The good news is that there is a solution to this. Make sure that you don’t put your investments on furniture and decorative pieces. This is especially true if you are planning on owning a cat. This way, you won’t regret the money you spent on fixing your home. You also don’t end up cleaning more.

Don’t Look at Me

If you pay attention to sleeping cats, you’ll notice that they cover their noses most of the time. Is it because they want to hide from their humans who stare at them whenever they sleep? It appears that cats do this because they want to keep their nose dry to avoid congestion.

This certainly makes sense since a stuffy nose can be a source of discomfort. It is also the reason why your cat would often bury its face between its paws. Let’s be thankful that they make sure they are healthy with this habit of theirs. Otherwise, we’ll be dipping in our investments to bring them to the vet.

Sleep-Inducing Sunbeams

There is no point in denying that cats are adorable when they are fast asleep. Do you want to know the quickest way to make them fall asleep? Just open the curtains to let the sunbeams enter and, for sure, you’ll spot your kitty there all relaxed and stretched out. This gives you the perfect time to remember why you love them in the first place. Just look at how cute they are!

After all, your cat will need to recharge its batteries after trashing your place at night. Still, seeing them sleeping without a care in the world makes you realize why you’re willing to spend your investments on them.

The Kitty’s Thought Process

Cat owners will tell you to prepare to get bitten by your pet several times. You will not be able to kick it, lift it, or toss it too. After all, they don’t know that you are not food, alright? Or they do know but don’t really care. This comic has certainly captured a cat’s thought process which makes it quite funny.

Certainly, the cat knows the difference between a fish and a foot by the smell. That is unless the owner does have a bad-smelling foot. Still, the cat is already invested to a degree that the foot looks like a fish. They are just following through with their dream of eating fish.

Toys < Brown Paper Bag

If you don’t want your cat to play with a cardboard box, buy them a gift that is placed in a brown paper bag. This way, you won’t feel guilty about using your credit card to buy an expensive toy for them. After all, they don’t like brown paper bags, right? Well, sadly, they LOVE those brown paper bags. In fact, this picture shows how excited the cat is after seeing it.

There is no explaining their fascination with paper and plastic bags. They just love poking their heads inside them. One thing is for sure, they prefer paper bags and cardboard boxes at any given time.

I Helped

Another thing that cat lovers will tell you is that you’ll have to say goodbye to the idea of being organized at home if you have a pet cat. You might have fixed your desk the way you like it, but sooner or later, your cat will add its own personal touch to your space.

For example, this cat has made sure that the Q-tips were arranged the way they like. The owner should give credit to their feline friend for not urinating on their table. Peeing is part of marking their territory, so this is a better situation if you ask us.

Unnecessary Help

No matter how hard cats put up the image of being stoic and heartless, their humans still have a spot in their hearts. Yes, they will head butt you if they like you or at least tolerate you. On the other hand, some will go above and beyond to ensure that you are safe.

Take for example this cat who thought its owner was drowning. After checking its human in the bathtub, it started wailing to catch other people’s attention. It seems that it would have called 911 if it could. This is just one of the reasons why people are willing to take out personal loans for their pets.

Absolutely Not

There is nothing wrong with petting your cat’s front paws, as long as they allow it. Unfortunately, they seldom allow it. Even if you sit in front of it and play with their feet, they’ll simply tuck them under them. We are not sure how pet owners can handle the cold shoulder at this point.

After spending a good chunk of your investment money on them, your relationships and all, shouldn’t they be showering you with their love? If you are planning on owning a cat, think about this carefully. For sure, you’ll go ahead and own one anyway. We completely understand.

Don’t Just Stare! Help Me Out!


You’ve probably heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat. Well, not all the time. Cats do have a penchant for finding themselves in tricky situations. Take for example this adorable cat that found itself in a spot of trouble. Cats and bags go together, but this one did not think its exploration through.

We give credit to the cat for giving its owner that wide-eyed look to get some help. However, we all know that after being saved, it will be back inside the bag once more. There is no other way of saying this, but cats are definitely weird.

Pay Attention to Me, But Also Don’t

You thought that taking up puzzles as a hobby is a great idea when you have a cat. After all, they wouldn’t mind you putting together your puzzle, right? Wrong! You are not allowed to have any hobby if you are a cat owner. In fact, this cat is showing its owner what it thinks of their new hobby.

Too bad, if you have used your credit card for your jigsaw puzzle. It was a good attempt at doing something other than worshipping your cat. Unfortunately, your feline will make you remember that they own your life. In fact, you’ll see more of their backside because of this.

The Distraction You Didn’t Think You Needed

You thought that you could catch up on your schoolwork over the weekend? Think again. Cat owners know full well that working during the weekend is futile. As soon as their cat sees them, they will start to brush up against their legs. If that doesn’t work, they will use their big eyes to stare at you.

If that still doesn’t work, they’ll do something worse. To their credit, cats are quite persistent. Just give up already and give your cat the attention it needs. Don’t worry your boss or teacher will understand, especially if they are cat lovers too. After all, they are experiencing the same thing.

I Think I’m Stuck

There is no doubt that cats are liquid. They have this uncanny ability to get stuck in the strangest of places like jars, in between couch cushions, and now, even in window blinds. Chances are that this feline saw a bird from the window and pounced on it. Unfortunately, the blinds were in the way.

Aside from the owner dipping in their investment money to replace the broken blinds, they’ll also deal with that cat’s wrath. They took a big risk in snapping up this photo. For sure, their pet will be throwing tantrums after. Those books will be all over the place once the cat is finished.

Here’s a Gift, You Weakling

Cats are skilled hunters who can spot a meal a mile away. House cats are quite adept at catching anything that moves, such as mice, birds, and even, you. However, they do have this habit of bringing their kill to you. This is not their way of showing off, but they are actually trying to feed you.

In their world, we humans are weak since we can’t hunt like they do. This is their way of making sure that you have something to eat. Although it’s a nice gesture, we’ll just use our credit cards to pay for our meals, thank you very much.

Sit Somewhere Else

We all have a favorite spot in the living room. This is the one space that we often occupy to the point that the indentations on the chair fit your underside well. However, if you bring a cat to your space, say goodbye to your favorite hangout.

After all, your cat will quickly find its way here. Unless you want to use your insurance to treat your cat scratches, it is best to surrender to this furry being before all hell breaks loose. Trust us, you’ll be happier this way. After all, you don’t want them to start marking their territory, okay?

The Christmas Obstacle Course

When Halloween is finally near, that means that Christmas is just around the corner! This is the perfect time to plan your Christmas decorations. Just make sure that you do not forget to include your feline friend in the planning. Keep in mind that they want to be involved with your life and this is one of those instances.

Otherwise, all those investments you put into decorating your home will be for nothing. After all, cats have a tendency to smash and crash against any obstacles in your home, including the Christmas tree. If you hear a crash at night, there is a good chance that it’s because of your cat.

A Book!

Cats certainly love a good book. It’s not that they read them, no—if they do, they’ll be reading on how to take over the world— they just want to rub and scratch their face against it. It is not just any book, but rather the one that you are holding. Yes, cats are weird this way.

Once they see you holding a book, they’ll be heading straight for it. To their credit, they do look cute when you see their head pop up and try to get attention. That is until you can no longer read because they claimed your book as their own.

You’re a Ladder

Most people assume that having a pet cat is going to be fun. Well, it is for that cat. In their eyes, we humans are their source of food and many head scratches. It’s not that they don’t have any love to give their owners, they do, but in a different way.

Take a look at this photo of a cat using the poor man as its stepladder. Aside from the cat thinking that the man is preparing his food, it is possible that the feline wants to show that it is the only god in the house. To the owner’s credit, he just went on with his preparation not minding the cat looking over its shoulder.

Sharing is Caring

There is nothing wrong with sharing your food with others because it shows that you care for them. Cat owners also show their love to their feline friends, but cats? When was the last time they shared their food with you? Does a dead rodent count?

What’s amusing about these photos is that cats are willing to taste foods that are sweet! The problem though is that they don’t want to nibble, they want everything. You do know where your investments are going, right? Yes, those food indulgences of yours are the property of your pet cat. They’ll make sure you know it too.

Cats Over Comfort

A lot of people are working from home these days. This offers employees a chance to save on transportation, food, and others. However, those who own cats are not so lucky as there is always the possibility of sacrificing their comfort for their cat.

For example, if your cat gets to your work chair first, you either postpone your work for the day or sit in an uncomfortable position. After all, moving a sleeping cat is against the law of the cats. It is also possible that owners will use their investment money to buy a different chair. Although we know that their cat will take over it too.

It’s Empty

Let’s talk about cat logic here. As you can see, there are two bowls in the photo. The first one is almost empty and the second one is full. Here’s the deal. The cat finished the first one and begged its owner for more food. The owner obliged. Instead of the cat enjoying its second meal, it simply stared at its owner wondering why there is a second bowl.

Just imagine how much money its owner spent when using their credit cards to purchase food for their pet. If only the cat realized this and just enjoyed its second meal.

I am Speed

First-time cat owners should keep in mind that their feline friend is a nocturnal creature. You’ll notice that they tend to sleep in the morning and become more active at night. What’s worse is that they choose an inappropriate time to go running around the house.

They don’t really care if they crash against the expensive appliances that you bought with your investment money. You’ll just hear the crashing sound that will wake you up instantly. Not only will your cat look innocent in the midst of the destruction but you’ll find it hard to get mad at them after.

Expectation vs Reality

Cats are definitely cuddly creatures. Their soft fur and warmth make them the ideal cuddle buddies at night. This is in theory, of course. New cat owners assume that their cat will simply snuggle up to them peacefully. Well, if you ask those who own cats for several years, they will tell you that this is not going to happen.

They will claw at you, nibble your toes, bury themselves in your hair, and so on. On a good note, cats do give massages to a certain degree. That is because they will walk all over you as you lie in bed.


You’ve Reached The End