Hollywood Celebrities with Shocking IQs

We can’t help but become fascinated when we read about stories of geniuses, like that of Michael Kearney, an American who holds the record for being the youngest person to obtain a college degree at 10 back in 1994. An IQ score of more than 116 means above average, while a score of more than 130 signals a high IQ.

Michael Kearney’s IQ is nearly 200, Einstein’s and Hawking’s was reportedly 160. But did you know there are other famous personalities whose IQ scores are above average? We’ve compiled a list of these genius celebs, and you’d be surprised to discover who they are!

 Jessica Simpson 160

Jessica Simpson is reported to have an IQ score of 160. The singer initially dropped out of high school when her career in Hollywood began taking off, but later earned her GED via distance learning at Texas Tech.

She founded a beauty product and clothing line called The Jessica Simpson Collection and gained considerable wealth. She also penned and published Open Book, showing that she has more to offer.