These People Followed Instructions Literally, And The Results Are Making Us Crazy.

Although it’s easy to believe that we live in a world filled with troublemakers, it appears that we also live in a world filled with people who enjoy following the rules. Yes, these people are so obsessed with following the rules that they took these instructions far too literally.

We all misunderstand the meaning of instructions to some degree. Signs that say “Watch children” actually mean “Watch out.” Examples like this demonstrate why it’s critical to be as specific as possible when offering directions. Rules maintain the world in order; without them, our civilization would be in chaos. Keeping this golden rule in mind, and perhaps a touch obsessed with it, these individuals follow the directions to the letter. Needless to say, the results are hilarious.

Hug the Curb

It’s reasonable to argue that rules and instructions are essential to our lives. We cannot count the number of times they told us to do things a specific way, whether at school, work, or within our families. Of course, we need such laws and regulations for our own and others’ safety at times, but you can’t help but be upset at how ineffective they are at other times.

We all need a hug sometimes. When this person had to leave them behind, this curb was clearly in need of some tender loving care, and we can’t say we blame them. When you’re a curb, life can be lonely to some degree. Sometimes, the most uncomplicated literal instructions can make your day.