These People Followed Instructions Literally, And The Results Are Making Us Crazy.

Although it’s easy to believe that we live in a world filled with troublemakers, it appears that we also live in a world filled with people who enjoy following the rules. Yes, these people are so obsessed with following the rules that they took these instructions far too literally.

We all misunderstand the meaning of instructions to some degree. Signs that say “Watch children” actually mean “Watch out.” Examples like this demonstrate why it’s critical to be as specific as possible when offering directions. Rules maintain the world in order; without them, our civilization would be in chaos. Keeping this golden rule in mind, and perhaps a touch obsessed with it, these individuals follow the directions to the letter. Needless to say, the results are hilarious.

Hug the Curb

It’s reasonable to argue that rules and instructions are essential to our lives. We cannot count the number of times they told us to do things a specific way, whether at school, work, or within our families. Of course, we need such laws and regulations for our own and others’ safety at times, but you can’t help but be upset at how ineffective they are at other times.


We all need a hug sometimes. When this person had to leave them behind, this curb was clearly in need of some tender loving care, and we can’t say we blame them. When you’re a curb, life can be lonely to some degree. Sometimes, the most uncomplicated literal instructions can make your day.


Just Following Mom’s Instructions

Parenting is difficult. Every parent knows that getting a baby to bed is a living nightmare because babies love nothing more than doing anything other than sleeping. You can credit every trick in the book, but your useless efforts will be in vain if your child stays wide awake.


Getting a kid to sleep is one thing; keeping them asleep is another. When this girl dozed off in her car seat, her father didn’t take any chances. He captured the experience of attempting to get a baby to sleep flawlessly, and this picture immediately went viral. Mom ordered Dad to “Just put her in the bed” after he returned home with the toddler napping in her car seat. Spoiler alert: he did just that.


Way too Smart

Did you ever try to teach a kid something? Kids are fast to obey and learn at times, but most of the time? Often, they respond to any provided directions and fabricate seriously out-of-the-box, completely literal misinterpretations. However, can we blame them? They have tremendously inventive little noggins and hardly realize that one word can have two meanings.


We admire how certain people decipher instructions and follow them. Not sure what we’re talking about? Look at this literal genius, for example. They did just that when asked to write the words in alphabetical order. They flipped the letters over so that they were in the correct order. We should credit them for proving that things aren’t always as they appear.


Cat Nap

What? We were having a cat nap, sorry. Have you ever heard this expression before? It means taking a quick snooze during the day. It’s easy to see where the name came from. In the early 1800s, humans began using it to describe short naps during the day, similar to what cats do. Cats are known for sleeping for up to 16 hours every day. They sleep for several hours, but most of the time, they only doze on the flooring for a few minutes.


No, we don’t mean this. This owner came along and decided to play toilet paper Jenga. It was amazing how he was able to stack up toilet rolls on this sleeping cat on top of the toilet.


Draw the Bridge

Have you ever driven past a road sign that caused you to stop and think? Now, this “drawbridge” sign is one of them. Drawbridges are across bodies of water that see a lot of marine activity, such as fishing boats and leisure boats.


Those who take things literally would most likely pull out their pen and paper and draw the bridge in front of them. After all, isn’t that what the sign instructs them to do? The meaning of a sign is frequently in the eye of the beholder. On occasion, that beholder takes the message a little too literally. A friendly reminder: Always remember to reach a complete stop while approaching a stop sign, even if you got health and auto insurance.


Look, Don’t Touch

There are health and safety notices all over the place. We see them at work, in public locations, construction sites, offices, warehouses, hospitals, and other environments. Every day, we notice health and safety signs. Warning signs notify highway, street, or road users of unexpected or dangerous conditions ahead, such as a bend, detour, sideroad, or other action in the interest of safety and efficient traffic operations.


We’ve all heard the saying “Please, don’t touch,” and we can only presume that this sign is a spin-off of that. However, it made life tough for those who wanted to take things to another degree. It made them get up and personal with these plants, even putting some of them to their eyes to get a better look.


The Dog Sign

We all love our dogs. However, we don’t always enjoy cleaning up after them. Someone walking their dog may not have believed it was necessary to pick up their litter from the flooring. While it may not always seem important at the time, it is critical to remind residents of the need to clean up after their pets to maintain our neighborhoods safe and clean for everyone to enjoy.


Dogs are perhaps the most adorable animals on the earth, but there’s no denying that their poop is stinky and disgusting, which is why many places include litter bins. However, because the sign was not detailed, this dog owner decided to abide by the guidelines. They felt it was unusual, but the sign said so.


Only Ketchup

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” Well, you should be cautious about what you order, and here’s a perfect example as to why. We understand that waiters sometimes misinterpret some of the orders (and we’re not sure if they purposely messed up some). In any case, people got what they were anticipating, and it’s hilarious.


People frequently eliminate things they dislike while purchasing food online. However, this prominent fast-food restaurant went a little too far. A man ordered a hamburger with “only ketchup.” However, the staff took the “only” order far too literally. Now, he is bound to eat a bun with ketchup splattered on it. Indeed, he wasted his credit card on this one.


Half a Pint

You might think you’ve heard every joke that starts with “So X walks into a bar,” but we’re pretty sure you haven’t. Now, this man’s real-life “bar-joke” scenario may refresh your dad’s joke repertoire and win the right spot as the resident comic.


This guy entered the bar and ordered a half-pint of beer, nothing unusual. Not until the bartender took it way too far. The result: From the front, it appears to be a whole pint, but from the side, it’s only half a glass. If they do get a side view, they’ll probably be more interested in talking to you about your strange glasses than passing judgment on your tolerance. It makes us wonder: Do they charge half on his credit card too?


Let’s have a toast

To raise a toast means to raise our glasses. It means “Let’s celebrate,” and we use it while you’re drinking wine or champagne and everyone clinks their glasses after you say it. It is the act of presenting a drink in someone’s honor or drinking in someone’s honor.


Toast can also refer to a toasted slice of bread. That’s why we cannot blame this little girl for thinking of a pizza toast when she overheard them. Of course, she got excited. Who doesn’t love pizza anyway? However, she was heartbroken to see wine glasses instead of pizza toast. That’s why her family took “Let’s have a toast” to the next degree. They bought her a box of pizza and had a toast. Clever!


Vegan Burger, anyone?

If you’re new to veggie burgers, you’ll notice that they have a considerably more comprehensive range of flavors than a traditional hamburger. This is because hamburgers are typically made entirely of beef, and texture and flavor variations are limited. On the other hand, veggie burgers are not constrained and can take on a far broader range of flavors.


Some products try to imitate ground beef’s colors, textures, and flavors as close as possible. This restaurant opted for a different strategy than its main competitors. Not only did it spend a staggering amount of investment money on advertising, but it also devised a clever strategy to persuade its consumers to stay. They replaced the bun with lettuce, and the result is anything but basic.


Following Directions

Kids can be cheeky when they want to be. While this occasionally gets them into trouble, it usually just makes us laugh to some degree. Children experience the world differently from most adults, which is beautiful. Their innocence sometimes causes children to obey directions to the letter, and it is frequently amusing. Kids follow precisely anything you tell them, whether it is a question on a school quiz or instructions from their parents.


Some people know everything about the universe and the math questions that come with it. However, we’re more interested in those who take instructions seriously. Well, it’s either that or this kid can’t just decide which one to choose. It looks like we have a decision-making problem to solve here.


Just Keeping Portland Weird

“Keep Portland Weird” began in 2003 to encourage local companies. It has quickly become the city’s unofficial motto. Anyone who has visited Portland or watched the cult TV show Portlandia knows the phrase and took them to heart—and the city is proud to be, well, quirky. However, what was it that made it strange in the first place? There isn’t one answer, but we’re sure this one doesn’t count.


A man in a Darth Vader suit saw this sign in Portland, so he grabbed his flame-throwing bagpipes immediately. It was, after all, a special event, and ordinary bagpipes would not suffice. Their decision to take things literally placed a grin on everyone’s faces in an ode to keeping Portland strange. We hope he considers getting fire insurance after this.


An Inflatable Christmas Tradition

Even if we weren’t keeping a close eye on the calendar, we’d be aware that Christmas was approaching. There’s just something about the Christmas season that makes you want to jump up and down. Not to mention that Christmas decorations have been up for about a month. What would be the most familiar Christmas decoration of all? Yes, a Christmas tree!


Putting up a Christmas tree excites us all. However, the time investment and the cost that comes with it make you feel otherwise. Gladly, this family came up with a solution: an inflatable Christmas tree. It saved them from the hustle and bustle of putting up and disassembling a real one. Just don’t go near it if you have sharp objects with you.


The Thanksgiving Plate

If you’ve ever celebrated Thanksgiving, you’ll know that it’s all about giving thanks for the beautiful things in your life. They celebrate it to commemorate their harvest and other blessings. The name of this American holiday brings up stories and rituals. It’s one of the busiest holidays, with everyone in the family gathering for a large lunch.


Most people would agree that the roast turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving dinner table. What about the accouterments, though? The mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and cranberry sauce? This person took it to another degree and had their version of the Thanksgiving plate. We can only assume that they prepared this small Thanksgiving meal before ordering pizza for their family to eat.


Give Me a Hand

Children say and do the cutest things, and they’re all oddly lovely and innocent. They take things literally, as you’ll see in this touching mother-son picture. Concepts like “literally” and “figuratively” might be difficult for children to grasp. If you tell a five-year-old to do anything, they will do it, sometimes literally. Indeed, you never know what you’ll get, and the outcomes are frequently more unexpected than predictable.


To give someone a hand is to assist someone with a task. Imagine just how this mom reacted when she asked her innocent child to “give him a hand.” He grabbed the mannequin’s hand and gave it to his mom. Let us credit the child for being the sweetest thing on the internet.


Smoking Area

Second-hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking because those standing near the smoker inhale unfiltered chemicals. People have grown more mindful of the risks of smoking due to the warning and have requested that most public venues be smoke-free. On the other hand, smokers still require a quick smoke break outside, so designated smoking spaces were there. We’re not sure that was the goal, but the guy in the photo took the sign literally.


This person has gotten himself into a ridiculous circumstance by doing what he’s told. After a sign stating ‘Smoking Area,’ this shot shows a man smoking while holding a lamp post. Well, even if you got insurance, smoking won’t do you any good. However, following instructions way too much doesn’t either.


Please Fall in Line

To fall in line means to form a line by standing in front of someone else. You need to behave the same way as everyone else and adhere to the status quo.


One of the most dangerous consequences of taking instructions too literally is that it can harm your health. Those who choose to follow the rules, on the other hand, will have to put up with it because that is the lifestyle they have chosen. Even if you got insurance, risking your health for the sake of humor is not a good idea. When this notice instructed customers to fall in line, this man did exactly that. He didn’t follow the regulations, and now, he probably had to take care of a scraped knee.


The Significant Difference

Kids say the strangest things at times, don’t they? Some children also follow directions literally. Instead of breaking a sweat attempting to calculate, this kid went with their gut and gave an accurate answer that isn’t precisely incorrect. However, it’s still a stretch to say it’s right.


This one puzzled us to some degree. After all, one of the most significant distinctions between an eight and a six is that an eight has curly hair while a six does not. Sure, there’s a difference between the two, but that’s beside the point. Curliness is unquestionably more significant. Why don’t they say, “What is 8 minus 6?” to begin with? Please, don’t make us laugh. It’s not a comedy show. It’s math.


It’s a Hat

Questionable fashion decisions exist and have always been, but it appears that trends have recently become as bizarre as they can be. People express themselves through their clothing and add a few accessories to create a statement. Whether on runways and in real life, fashion is always strange.


This young man thought he’d make his statement by imitating the sign he saw at the department store. However, he clearly took things too literally when he wore a folded shirt on his head. After all, it was in the men’s hat area, and retailers don’t make mistakes, do they? You can’t criticize this individual for following orders. We think it makes a good fashion investment, and we would probably go with blue.


Draw a Bath

Before running water was used in homes, everyone who needed water had to “draw” (lift) what they needed from a well or wherever they could get water. Today, we would say, “make a bath” or “run a bath,” because most homes in the Western world now treat modern bathrooms as investments. It is also simpler to take a bath by simply turning on the tap.


That was why when their candy wrapper instructed them to relax and recoup with a bath, we can only presume that the law-abiding inhabitants of this earth internally yelled with joy. Of course, one person decided to take this a little too literally and use all of their imagination to draw themselves a bath. Guess we better be precise the next time we give instructions.

Waiting for Green Arrow

If you’ve ever encountered temporary traffic lights, you’ll notice that they usually include signs reminding people to wait when the signal turns green or red. Of course, this generally impacts vehicles—but these individuals chose to be first-class citizens.


Superheroes use their power for the greater good, which explains why these three are following orders. As we can see, they are waiting for the Green Arrow patiently. Forget about the fact that the sign is for cars. With their Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash T-shirts, this outstanding trio might easily fool people into thinking they stand there and promote the latest superhero credit. They may have gotten the literal interpretation of this sign a little further, but we need more people like them.


Happy Birthday to Both!

Adding some customization to the cake is something that customers can’t seem to get enough of. We all know that cake decorating takes a lot of investment. Icing a cake precisely, obtaining that perfectly smooth finish, and piping on the ‘Happy Birthday’ message are all much more complicated than they appear. It is why we entrust the baking and design of birthday cakes to specialists. That way, you won’t have to worry about a cake disaster on your upcoming birthday, right?


They probably didn’t expect this when one customer requested two cakes with “Happy Birthday” written on both. However, what you put in the comments box is what you get for customized cakes. That’s how we do things around here.


Clocks with Hands

Teaching a child is no easy task. We should credit the teachers who understand the value of educating children in old and modern ways. We know it’s challenging, and we usually see some of the difficulties adults face when persuading children to do something.


Nowadays, many schools are turning digital and doing away with the “old-fashioned” clocks that we used to have in school. ‘Draw hands on the clocks,’ according to the instructions. This artsy child was more than happy to comply when she urged the others of the class to “draw hands on these clocks.”  They placed human arms and hands instead of painting on clock hands. We should consider drawing examples sometimes. As we see here, confusion can lead to another “creature.”


What about Unicycle?

A car park is a defined space or structure where cars and other vehicles can be temporarily parked and left. It’s also known as a ‘parking lot’ in some parts. Car parks are a regular part of the built environment, and they are often next to shopping malls, government offices, schools, sports and entertainment facilities, and other similar establishments.


While cars usually have plenty of room to park their wheels, bicyclists have it a little more complicated. They have to look all over for a parking spot, primarily because they take “No Bicycle Parking” signs quite seriously. However, unicycles have managed to locate a loophole that allows them to park wherever they want. Should we consider a unicycle as an investment then?


A Single Pepperoni

You’ve been looking forward to ordering your favorite pizza for the past week. You eagerly hand over your credit card and take the package from the delivery boy’s hands when he arrives. The aroma of delectable cheese, sauce, and toppings reaches your nostrils. When you proceed to open the box, what do you find? A sad-looking pizza that doesn’t satisfy your desire for a piece of bliss.


What’s worse than ordering a pie and discovering nothing but the dough and one pepperoni inside the box when you open it? Although we’ve never seen a pizza we didn’t like, this one will leave you wanting more when you’re finished. That is more pepperoni. After all, we would have ordered a cheese pizza if we wanted one!


Twin Falls

Surely we want to splurge our investment money and travel sometimes. Twin Falls in Idaho is probably on everyone’s bucket list. This beautiful city is breathtaking and offers amazing vistas in a serene setting. Shoshone Falls and Snake River Canyon draw visitors from all over the world to Twin Falls. You can either spend your day participating in daring activities or relaxing and enjoying the stunning splendor. Regardless of your preference, Twin Falls is well worth a visit.


Speaking of twins, these twin brothers took advantage of a perfect photo opportunity by posing as if one of them had fallen, resulting in the sign “Twin Falls.” Walking in the woods and admiring mother nature let these kids feel closer to their roots.


Exemption to the Rule

Bicycles are considered vehicles. Thus, they should be allowed on the road, right? However, some signs specify that bicycles are not permitted to be driven on the sidewalk unless it is absolutely required or if a sign specifically instructs them to do so. You should never be on the sidewalk unless there is significant road resurfacing construction, a temporary detour lane, or an obvious obstacle.


However, this guy took the sign to another degree. He is not only riding his unicycle down the street, but he’s also demonstrating that his talent makes him superior by ignoring the rules like no one’s business. We can’t say we blame him for flaunting himself in front of his followers. If we had the opportunity, we would do the same.


The Gingerbread House

This so-called gingerbread house would make Martha Stewart sad, and Santa would put the inventor of this delicacy on the naughty list. This individual chose to make a gingerbread house after being requested. While we appreciate that it’s a ginger-based house, this stuff is more like a cookie than bread.


We won’t find the recipe for this gingerbread house in a traditional Christmas cookbook, and it won’t win first place in a festive competition for the best-looking gingerbread house. To some degree, the literal execution of this traditionally delightful delicacy is undoubtedly a lot easier to make than the standard one. Would you eat something like this? While a bit of butter on the bread might be nice, it would be absolutely against the rules.


No Stepping Out

Little kids sometimes get tired of following their parents. However, following directions can sometimes work to your advantage, and this kid is a prime illustration of that. When his parents told him he wasn’t permitted to leave the house, he knew he could find a way to get around the limitations.


Rather than cause a scene, the child thought of a trick to get his way without his mother penalizing him. In the end, he pushed his body out the door while keeping his feet stuck inside. He wasn’t breaking any regulations because he was doing what they needed him to do. This kid deserves a medal. Credit to him, we discovered we could step out without actually stepping out.


Can I have a copy of your passport?

Photocopies of your original documents are necessary during travel. Doing so would save you from talking to your lawyer if the original is lost or stolen.


The instructions are simple: Make two copies of your passport ID page, including your photo, date of birth, and other information. It could be a scanned image or a hard copy. Give one copy to a trusted friend, family member, or assistance if you need to contact them while on vacation while the other should be with you at all times. Put it in your carry-on if it’s printed. Well, this woman has that in mind. However, she photocopied the cover of her passport. It seems that technology did not make things easier in this instance.


Hitching a Ride

Hitchhiking is a fantastic way to get around if you don’t have a car and don’t want to rely on public transportation. It has been done for decades despite the risks of sharing a ride with strangers. It doesn’t appear like this means of transportation is going away anytime soon.


Hitchhiking is simple to some degree. All you have to do is stand by the side of the road and wait, perhaps waving your hand as you flag a car. However, this is not the kind of flag we have in mind. This woman had a good sense of humor and decided to raise one hand and wave a flag in response to the sign’s directions. Where did she get a flag in the first place?


Stick to Toilet Roll

A toilet brush is a cleaning tool used to scrub the interior of a toilet bowl. Hopefully, no one has ever cleaned their body with a toilet brush instead of cleaning the toilet. However, given what was on this sign, it’s certainly possible. We shiver and cringe just thinking about how terrible and gross that would be. However, that’s not what the original poster meant.


People who take life literally appear to be more than happy to share their knowledge. When this person chose to take up the sign’s invitation to use a toilet brush, they quickly discovered it wasn’t a good idea. As a result, they decided to spread the word that toilet paper is a much better investment. What a hero he is.


Just Chilling, Dude

Guelph Park has traditionally been the heart of the community. Since the 1950s, the park has been one of Vancouver’s most dynamic artistic areas. Thus, it was only natural to be the subject of some subversive stealth art. The park grew in popularity for years, and locals credit the modest green space as “Dude Chilling Park.”


If you’re planning on visiting Vancouver, you might want to enroll in some man classes first. Without your leather jacket, hair gel, and tinted sunglasses, you won’t be able to enter this park. People, that’s what the sign says. We don’t make the rules, but we’re the type of people that want to follow them. It’s time to grow up a little before visiting this park.


Bake at 120 degrees

When husbands and wives request each other for favors, the results are insane. However, things may become a little ridiculous when one takes the request too literally. Sometimes, it’s not their fault because the instruction was too unclear. However, more often than not, it’s because their husbands are playing games with them!


Some believe that couples who cook together stay together. We’re not sure about this case, though. He even took out a protractor to precisely measure the angle. He followed his wife’s directions without considering his options. Of course, 120 degrees refers to the oven’s temperature, not the angle of the dish. At the very least, he tried. We guess this couple ordered a meal or ate out that night.


The Right Way to Wash your Hands

This cold and flu season, we’ve been hearing this reminder over and over: Wash your hands! Your hands may not be as clean as you think if you don’t know how to wash them properly or aren’t consistent in your method (have you been singing the entire Happy Birthday song twice?). Of course, hand washing is one of the most effective strategies to avoid being ill and transmitting illness.


Hand washing instructions can be found in bathrooms worldwide, particularly above the sinks in restaurants. This image suggests that we place the soap at the bottom of the sink while the washer allows the water to flow freely over their open palms. Credit to the effort, but we’re not doing that.


Drive-Thru and Through

We usually see the “drive-thru” sign. However, it’s pretty odd when you think about it. After all, you don’t drive through a restaurant or a fast food place. When we first saw that sign, our first thought was, “Hey, why don’t we drive into that brick building?” We don’t think we should hold this car responsible for passing through this drugstore.


These people in the picture are smiling at the literal execution of a drive-thru. After all, they were following the regulations. However, we cannot say the same thing to the driver. After crashing into the pharmacy, this driver will need a lot more than a store-bought aspirin, bandages, and painkillers. Can somebody please call his health and auto insurance company?


Sponge Cake, anyone?

You’ve got yourself a keeper if you’re lucky enough to have a loved one who enjoys messing with your head or who follows your request to the letter even if they don’t grasp what you want.


When you think of sponge cake, you usually picture a moist, buttery, and delectable cake that looks like a pound cake with frosting or whipped cream on top. This boyfriend made sure that his girlfriend would get a piece of sponge cake. We should credit the guy for his effort to make his girl happy. However, we think he should buy her a real one to keep her from becoming so upset with him. Now, clean up the mess using the same sponge, will you?


Choose the Right Words

The sign reads, “To feed the deer, use 25 cents,” yet we have our doubts that deers consume metallic coins. This sign is not in English first and foremost, which may explain why its directions are not very clear.


We don’t blame people for being confused in various situations in life. While some may scratch their heads and ask why someone would try to feed a deer 25 cents, a glance at the poster reveals why. It’s all there in red and white, but it’s evident that these deer are not money-hungry. The deer stared at the coin with a puzzled expression on its face, unsure of what to do. Deers don’t appear to have a fondness for investment money after all.


Be Careful What you Wish for

Aside from busy department stores and not knowing what to get your loved ones, gift wrapping may be the single most unpleasant holiday experience. It takes a lot of experience to achieve bubble-free, precise corners and hide the scotch tape correctly. After all, a neatly wrapped gift is a genuine joy for any occasion. However, we wonder if you feel the same if you received this gift-wrapping blunder?


This man bought his wife some jewelry and ordered the jewelry store employee to wrap it in the most bizarre present wrap they had. That’s why the worker went too far and mummified the jewelry box, making it nearly impossible to open. He should have used his credit card to buy a gift wrap.


Upside Down

We know you’re a good driver if you pay attention, slow down for crosswalks, and stop completely at stop signs. No need to be complacent, even if you have auto insurance. However, what happens when the road signs are so absurd that you have to take a second look? While driving can be tedious, it won’t be when you have such exciting reading material to keep you entertained.


If you’ve watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you’ll know that Will’s life was upside down. It may be the inspiration for this signage. Or maybe they were in a rush. Either way, this woman decided to follow the sign and walk handstand. It’s pretty stunning, to be honest—and no, we can’t do that.


Avoiding Responsibility

You know that forcing your children to do something they don’t want to do can lead to the most theatrical eye rolls you’ve ever seen. It might be challenging to get children to follow instructions at times. They refuse to listen, and occasionally, your efforts to persuade them to follow directions backfire entirely. Kids pay attention; the question is, how much?


You can’t be angry with them since they are technically correct. However, the outcomes are frequently rather amusing. When this mom requested that their kids put the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom, they did so. Even if they didn’t put it in a specific location, it is still technically within the bathroom. Can we credit these kids for being too clever?


All the Rolls

A mother instructed her children to run to the shop and get some rolls for dinner. It was a simple request to some degree. As we know, dinner rolls are little round pieces of bread served with a meal as a side dish.


However, she realized that she’d made a mistake when her children came home with a variety of rolls. Mom shouldn’t be too upset because there are some standard Hawaiian rolls and crescent rolls in the mix—she has a lot to work with. After all, the children followed her directions to the letter. They got Tootsie rolls, Swiss rolls, Pizza Buns, cinnamon rolls, and Fruit Roll-Ups to eat! How could you complain if you got all the rolls?


What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

Have you ever heard of the saying “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You?” It means you won’t make yourself unhappy by worrying about a problem or wrongdoing if you don’t know about it.


A little background on this photo: The original poster’s grandfather shattered this phone beyond repair. He left the phone on the counter with a note for its owner, Jean, that read, “Jean, don’t ask because you don’t want to know.” Of course, this only piqued Jean’s interest in what had happened to her phone. We know it is heartbreaking, but modern mobile phones nowadays are an investment. Maybe smashing her phone was his way to buy her a new phone. Welcome to the 21st century, Jean!


Grinch’s Cookie

We use food color additives for various reasons, including making food more appealing, delicious, and informative. Colored food is a great addition! We can put colors to personalize handmade cookies for the holidays or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or graduations. Though we prefer the traditional brown cookie, others take their baking to another degree.


Christmas is over, and St. Patrick’s Day is still months from now. That’s why we’re confused about why these cookies are green. The original user of this photo revealed that they had ordered mint chocolate chip cookies and were stunned when these brilliant green treats arrived at their table! Mint green is not our choice for a cookie, but we’re sure the Grinch would love these.


Warning Alert

We should always watch our belongings, especially in public settings where many people come and go. Leaving one’s phone unattended in a public setting like a library may appear to be a harmless notion because others are likely to do the same. Still, others take advantage of the unwary readers and commit theft when they let their guard down. However, some individuals may be confused by the warning sign’s phrasing. Take this man as an example.


Okay, we’ve got a few issues with this one. This sign requires library patrons to keep their iPhones under surveillance. That was probably why he put his phone under his watch. He got the credit for following instructions, but he’s still non-compliant. His phone is not an iPhone.


Too Much Mushroom

Mushrooms have been present in various cuisines for many years because of their unique ability to provide taste. It provides additional flavor to some degree.


Chinese restaurants serve some genuinely great food. However, this man received far more than he bargained for when he ordered mushrooms. He was utterly shocked when the waitress appeared with a massive platter brimming with mushrooms and placed it in front of him! Well, who wouldn’t be? This dish resembles a miniature fungus forest. It’s so huge that a tiny fairy could emerge at any time! We know some mushrooms aren’t harmful. They are even pretty healthy and delicious. However, everything should be in moderation. As we know, eating anything in excess is still bad for our health.


Peel the Half

When you take language literally, it’s a weird thing. There are a lot of loopholes you can find to get away with a lot of things. A simple instruction becomes complicated to some degree. Sometimes, they do it only to laugh. Other times, they are trying to make fun of someone. Either we say it right, or they just take it the wrong way.


This guy wanted to cook mashed potatoes, so he asked his roommate to peel half of the potatoes. However, his roommate had taken it literally. The “assistance” of his roommate made the work much more difficult! When he finally completed the garlic and butter mashed potatoes, he made a point of not sharing any with his roommate. Clever!


A Reminder on Your Phone

Cellphones are a good investment. With the latest technology comes excellent apps that could make everyday living easier. However, nothing will ever replace the classic for certain people.


We cannot count the number of times we lose track of how many chores we must do every day. That is why phone reminders exist for us to remember our to-do list. When this woman’s husband requested that she create a reminder for him on her phone, she did it—the old-fashion way. While this isn’t the best spot to stick a Post-It note because it’ll probably fall off, we have to admire this girl’s creativity and cute penmanship. Her husband could have made a reminder from an app himself if he wanted one.


Looking Sharp

People make mistakes when they don’t read the directions carefully, so we understand why some people take them literally. After all, opening packages with sharp items can damage the goods within. Companies advise their consumers to refrain from doing so.


While it’s unclear what type of ticking time bomb might be inside this strange-looking container, it’s safe to assume that hammering it open isn’t a good idea. Sharp objects may cause damage to the contents of the mysterious wrapper, but surely there must be a better method to break it open. Although a mallet isn’t a sharp object, should we use it to open this package? Should we also credit the Norse God, Thor, for allowing us to use his hammer?

You’ve Reached The End